SAPIHE Standard

The SAPIHE Standards

Committed to Swiss Tradition and Excellence

Standards for responsible actors

The reputation of Swiss private education dates back a long time. The open legal framework allowed numerous entrepreneurs to become successful school founders and owners who paved the way for today’s varied and performing educational offer.

SAPIHE supports the fundamental freedom of the Swiss Private Higher Education Institutions because free actors make for unrivaled achievements and innovation, provided that they act responsibly.

SAPIHE pays special attention to standards that allow institutions to show their commitment to responsibility without limiting their freedom of action.


The SAPIHE standards

SAPIHE members commit to the following principles.

  • SAPIHE members belong to the Swiss Federation of Private Schools.
  • SAPIHE members are registered in the Swiss Private School Register.
  • SAPIHE members have at least 5 years of existence.
  • SAPIHE members offer at least one on-site program that requires students to spend 75% of their learning time in Switzerland.
  • SAPIHE members have a teaching staff that operates under Swiss regulations.
  • SAPIHE members benefit from international programmatic accreditations for at least one curriculum at every level of their program portfolio.
  • SAPIHE members link their website to the SAPIHE and Swiss Federation of Private Schools.
  • SAPIHE members take the needs of the job market into account for the design of their curricula