SAPIHE Association

The SAPIHE Association

An official organ of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools

A Swiss Professional Association

Swiss professional associations play a crucial role in Switzerland, where the Constitution guarantees the freedom of commerce. Swiss professional associations support responsible use of this freedom by promoting fair competition, transparency, and accountability.

The Swiss Federation of Private Schools is the professional association that gathers all private education actors in Switzerland. The Swiss Federation of Private Schools regularly consults with the Swiss authorities at federal or cantonal levels regarding matters related to private education.

Article 4 of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools’ statutes make for sub-association representing specific fields in education.

SAPIHE is the sub-association that represents the Higher Education Institutes.


A complicated, yet telling name

SAPIHE stands for Swiss Association of Private Institutions of Higher Education.

The “Higher Education” scope reflects a level of education that follows the end of secondary studies when a national or international diploma opens the door to the world’s universities.

Members of SAPIHE award degrees from Bachelor’s to Doctoral levels, including Master’s degrees and continuing education qualifications. Member institutions typically provide degrees in Business Administration, yet nothing prevents the admission of Higher Education Institutions providing degrees in other fields such as architecture or the arts.

Swiss Hotel Management Schools are not members of the SAPIHE because they have their professional association.


The SAPIHE Committee

The SAPIHE Committee comprises three members:

  • Dr. Bert Wolfs, Swiss Business School, President of SAPIHE.
  • Mr. Samir Sbih, IFM Business School Vice President of SAPIHE.
  • Mr. Philippe Du Pasquier, Business School LausanneTreasurer of SAPIHE.

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