The Swiss Education Landsape

Value of the titles in academia and on the job market

Where do SAPIHE graduates continue their education?

SAPIHE members offer diplomas from Bachelor to Doctoral levels. It is, therefore, not rare that SAPIHE graduates choose to continue their studies at the same institution. Yet, SAPIEH graduates have many more opportunities.

SAPIHE members provide diplomas that benefit from international accreditations. This allows graduates of SAPIHE member institutions to be regularly accepted in the best institutions worldwide. SAPIHE global track record includes higher education institutions such as Oxford University, Columbia University, London School of Economics.

SAPIHE members are not required to have institutional and programmatic accreditations recognized by the Swiss public university system. Hence, the SAPIHE membership cannot be considered equivalent to an accreditation providing access to the cantonal or federal universities.

It is worth reminding that admission to university-level studies remains the prerogative of academic institutions in most parts of the world. Admission services usually consider applications on a case-by-case basis. This means that acceptance or refusal of a given graduate by a given university can never be considered an engaging precedent.

In other words, no one can be sure to be accepted, yet it is always worth trying.


Can SAPIHE graduates work in Switzerland?

SAPIHE members award diplomas that give access to the Swiss and international job markets. Numerous SAPIHE Business Schools graduates have landed positions in major private companies or public administrations.

SAPIHE schools monitor the job market to design their curriculum.

The decisive element regarding international graduates’ access to the job market is the work permit. The most critical element considered for the obtention of a work permit is the evaluation of the needs of the Swiss economy, not the reputation of the diploma or that of the institution which award the diploma.

It is worth noting that SAPIHE members are entitled to propose internships in Switzerland to their students, provided these internships are part of the curriculum. In this case, the student permit makes for authorization to work in Switzerland.

Employability Track Record

SAPIHE Members’ students and graduates have landed internships or positions in the following companies: Tesla, Nissan, Deloitte, General Electric, EY, Richemont, IATA, Stouff Capital, MCI Group, CERN, Santander, SwissLife, Impact Initiatives, Philippe Morris International, Banque Saudi Fransi, Earthworm Foundation, Jaeger LeCoultre, MyBluePlanet, LunaJets, Swissquote, Leclanché, MSC-Mediterranean Shipping Company, Karl Lagerfeld, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Hess Corporation.



The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation – SERI is responsible for detailed information about the recognition of Swiss titles.

The current state of the art regarding the titles delivered by private institutions can be found here.